Menopause can be a tricky time for all women. The body undergoes a huge transformation, and thus, it is obvious to feel some changes in your day to day wellbeing. But even more than menopause, woman often face more discomfort during the perimenopausal days. The perimenopause is the stage before the actual onset of the menopause. This stage can start as early as age 40. One may face changing bodies and fluctuating moods during this phase.

The journey of menopause and its arrival can be an emotional one for most women. It is natural to feel restless, just like you did when your body was undergoing puberty. All that is important during this stage is that you remain calm and collected. Your main aim should be to keep your nervous system in a balanced position and prevent overheating the body. And you can achieve all of these with the help of yoga.   

Given below in this article are 5 yoga poses that will help you during your perimenopausal days, and will assist you in meeting menopause with acceptance. Check these out and don’t forget to try them at home!

5 Yoga Poses for Menopause

Lunge Pose

This yoga pose aims at stretching the hip flexors along with the psoas muscles. Usually, these muscles tend to get tightened if a person spends most of their day in a sitting position. Apart from this, they also constrict when a person is stressed. Since menopause can cause shallow breathing in some women, this yoga pose will help in freeing up your breath by stretching the psoas muscle. It would also help in releasing pent-up tension.

Fan Posture

Our muscles tend to get tighter as we grow old. The hamstrings and the inner thighs are the ones that are most affected. The fan posture aims at stretching these two muscles. While performing this Asana, the head of the person is at a lower level than the heart. In this scenario, the heart rate, blood pressure and mental activity of the body lower and relaxes. The fan posture is said to be a safer and more cooling variation to a headstand or a handstand.

Sphinx Pose

The nervous system of our body can be stimulated through some chest-opening postures. The sphinx pose does this, while also counteracting depression and sluggishness. Performing this pose will give you a sense of energetic vibes and will rejuvenate you as well. This sphinx pose is said to be an easier version of other backbends that are much more challenging.

Forward-Facing Hero Pose

This yoga pose is extremely relaxing, and is my personal favorite from this list. It focuses on stretching the inner thighs, and stimulating the front of the thighs as well. Apart from this, it also stretches the spine. Since in this pose, the head of the person is at a lower level than their heart, the nervous system calmed down while performing this pose. The forward-facing hero pose is also responsible for rejuvenating the pelvic region of the person.

Cat-Cow Pose

These are actually two very popular yoga poses that are often performed simultaneously for better results. When one performs these two poses together, their spine gets to experience a range of different motions. While performing the cow position, the sympathetic nervous system of the body is stretched. On the other hand, while performing the cat position, the parasympathetic nervous system of the body is stretched. Since joints of the body get dry while approaching towards menopause, when one fluidly moves to and fro between these 2 poses, the joints are kept massaged. Also, the tissues around the spine are kept supple and soft, thus making them young.

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