Like all other forms of workout, there are myths around yoga as well. Especially since yoga is a very ancient practice, there are many myths that always revolve around it. Yes, most myths have been debunked in recent times, but there are still people who believe in these things and stay away from yoga for the silliest of reasons.

We all know by now that yoga offers several health benefits. These benefits are not just limited to a person’s physical wellbeing, but also their mental and spiritual health. Everyone deserves to enjoy these benefits. But baseless myths often deprive people of achieving these benefits from yoga. So, these myths need to be debunked, ASAP!

Given below in this article are a few yoga myths that have come a long way in our society. Its type we crash these myths for everyone, so that all of us can enjoy and experience the wonderful journey that yoga is. Check these out and spread the awareness!

5 Yoga Myths                                                 

It’s all about body postures.

Yoga is much more than just bodily postures. Yes, it does involve performing certain postures or poses that contribute towards a person’s strength, balance and flexibility. But it does not involve just that. Yoga is not just for your body, but also for your mind. In fact, the main aim of yoga is to find your true self and learn ways of connecting to it. It works towards calming your body and mind, and thus, refreshing your entire system. It does all of this while offering physical benefits as well! So, there’s one yoga myth being crushed to the ground!

Only flexible people can perform yoga.

But isn’t regular yoga the reason a person improves their flexibility? So there is absolutely no chance of this yoga myth being true. Yes, it is true that our bodies get rigid as we age and hence we may not be able to perform all sorts of Asanas. But there is no need to start with exercises that involve high flexibility of the body. You must start with simple Asanas that will gradually enhance your flexibility. You don’t need to be highly flexible to be able to practice yoga; yoga will make you flexible!

It belongs to Hindu religion.

But don’t we all have a body, a mind and a soul? Then there is no reason that yoga belongs to a certain religion. Frankly speaking, how can something with so many benefits belong to only a certain group of people? Yoga is for everyone and anyone, and it offers the same benefits to all. It does not have any labels of the society. So, yoga does not belong to any religion. It is for all!

It can be taught by anybody.

Like any other form of workout, yoga cannot be taught by just anyone. Even if you learn under a certified instructor, it does not qualify you to teach someone yoga. Yes, you may have knowledge about yoga but teaching yoga is a completely different cup of tea. Thus, only learn yoga from an expert, and not from your friend!

It is a time-consuming process.

Literally nothing can be more false than this! In fact, yoga is the least time consuming among all other forms of workout. Even 15 minutes of daily yoga is beneficial for a person. Ideally, one cam practice 30 minutes of yoga in the morning or before bed. These 30 minutes can be perfectly distributed for various Asanas and Pranayama. And here we bust another yoga myth off the chart!

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