If you want a casual wedding then a beach wedding will be amazing for you. We have always heard of destination weddings but beach weddings are gaining popularity in the recent years. They are casual yet fancy in their own ways. While wanting a beach wedding is great but planning for it takes the real effort. The first thing that you need to do is decide on the wedding venue. There are a lot of places with beaches across the country but which one will be the best for you?

One of the best places for beach weddings in India is Goa. The place is amazing and your wedding here will be superb. If you book the wedding through some resort at this place, you might get an all-inclusive wedding package. If offers in-house food, makeup, music and much more. It reduces stress and chaos and gives people more beach time. You can always make a beach wedding a destination wedding as well. Just image you and your fiancé setting married around swaying palm trees.

This will give a whole different vibe and a lot of positivity. You guests will be enjoying your weddings and also a vacation near a beach. And believe me; you won’t be satisfied with just the wedding on a beach. Many couples end up booking their honeymoons on the beach destinations. During the marriage functions you won’t be able to really enjoy the beach with your partner. So once the guests are gone you can enjoy the beach with your spouse.

The beaches of Goa are perfect when you want a small and intimate wedding. The brides here can get away bare feet. The grooms can go without bowties and your guests can have a great time near the water and sand. You can top the picturesque ceremony by an outdoor reception and late night limbo. Let us now talk about some of the best wedding venues in Goa.

Piranha Beach Resort

The ceremonies in this resort are held against the backdrop of Arabian Sea. If the tide is good during your stay, you can throw a small beach party for your guests. The weddings in this resort are very romantic. Your guests can have a peaceful stay here.

Alila Diwa

It is one of the top wedding resorts in Goa. This resort has great servicing as the staffs are adept at providing swift services. They can change the outlooks and arrangements according to your needs and demand. It is perfect for a destination wedding in Goa.

The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa

This resort had sprawling event lawns and state of the art banquet halls. If you want some big fat Indian wedding then this resort will be perfect for you. It lies on the longest beach in Goa. The resort serves some amazing cuisines for its guests. So along with the wedding one will also enjoy some amazing food here.

If you want to have fun at your wedding in Goa, try and keep the guest list short and involve only the close people. The unnecessary pleasing and formalities always take away the craze. You can have several functions in your marriage but always take care of quality. Plan everything properly and design the itinerary in such a way that your guests reach for each function and meal on time. Goa also has some amazing clubs and pubs. So if you want to have a cocktail party it has some amazing options. Goa is known for its night life.

You must try to use a lot of props and trendy things in the decorations so that there is some funkiness in the traditions. You can keep themes for your functions and ask your guests dress accordingly. Incorporate the local culture of Goa for entertainment. Goa is amongst the most culturally diverse wedding locations in the country. Try the local cuisines and drinks of the place.

If you have some free time, you can always go for shopping in Goa. They have some amazing stuffs over the streets. You can bargain and get a lot of the places local accessories and much more. You can enjoy shopping while sipping your favourite beer.

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