detox routine

One of my favourite beauty recipes is not something that we put onto our skin, but rather into our bodies!  It’s a routine that I love doing and I really want to encourage you to join me! It’s going to help you detoxify your body and glow!

What To Do

Right when you wake up, before you eat anything, drink a big glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon. There are a lot of health reasons why, but I’m most excited about the change of perspective that this routine offers.

When it comes to our culture of beauty, think about how many products we use on our skin everyday. The average consumer uses 16 products. If you start to count, there’s your lotion, every bit of make-up, night-cream, eye cream, wrinkle cream, face wash, toner and the list goes on. We use all of these beauty products, exposing our skin to so many different chemicals and the irritating part is that  a lot of them don’t even work. If you really want to look your best +it’s about changing your perspective, from focusing on achieving “beauty” to achieving health. Instead of looking to products to solve your beauty concerns, look at healthy foods, which can really can improve your skin at a cellular level.

When you start doing this morning detox routine, you feel and see results. A lot of your skin concerns may clear up and you’ll realize that you never needed all the products and creams. When you feed your body what it needs and help it to detoxify, you’ll see:

  • reduction in eye circles
  • clearer skin
  • glowing skin
  • anti-ageing effects
  • increased energy
  • weight control

That’s where the water and lemons help! Hydrated skin is supple, less prone to wrinkling and flushes your body of toxins. I’m convinced that a lot of people looking for anti-aging creams are actually just dehydrated! With the lemons, you’re going to get an extra boost of Vitamin C which helps to build collagen and keep your skin taut and firm. It also helps to boost your digestion and metabolism, to help you burn calories through out the day. What product can promise all that? So stay out of the beauty aisles, save your money, and use it for something really useful.


  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2-4 cups warm water


  • Squeeze the lemon into your warm water.
  • Drink this first thing in the morning, before breakfast, then eat as normal. Though, you may find that by starting your day with this healthy intention, it really changes the way you think about what kind of foods you want to eat the rest of the day!
  • If your mornings are rushed, just drink your lemon water as you get dressed.
  • Do this every single morning for 21 days, then report back and tell us what changes you’ve noticed!

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