Menstrual cramps can sometimes be almost impossible to bear. During those moments, all you want to do is have a tub of ice-cream and lie on bed. But sometimes, you need more than these small pleasures. You need to actually cure these menstrual cramps. There may be many solutions for solving menstrual cramps. Light exercising, using a hot water bag are two such solutions for the same. But sometimes you don’t even feel like getting up to actually implement these solutions. You want solutions without having to get up!

Well, that is not entirely impossible. There are ways to heal menstrual cramps simply while sitting at a spot. These ways are – breathing exercises. Yes, there are certain breathing exercises that are said to cure menstrual cramps. These can be done from anywhere, at any time, in any position. This means, you can quickly take out 5 minutes to perform these exercises and get relief from those devilish cramps! Check this article out to find out what these breathing exercises are and how they are done. And don’t forget to actually try them out the next time you face menstrual cramps (or, if you are facing them right now!)

Breathing Exercises for Healing Menstrual Cramps

Ujjayi Pranayama

This breathing exercise is responsible for regulating the blood pressure of a person, which may help in preventing cramps. Firstly, you must start by breathing normally while paying attention to each breath. Then gradually, start exhaling deeply until your lungs feel empty. The inhalation must be done normally. Continue this method for at least 15 cycles. Now, you need to reverse the processes. That is, start inhaling deeply and exhaling normally. Again, continue this for at least 15 cycles.

Viloma Pranayama

This breathing exercise is said to bring lightness to the body. Start this exercise by breathing naturally. Now, inhale and pause for 2 seconds. Exhale out the air fully. Repeat this chain for at least 7 to 10 times. Each time you inhale, try to fill your lungs with more air. Discontinue if you feel any kind of fatigue.

Viloma 2 Pranayama

This breathing exercise is said to be an effective cure for menstrual cramps. Start this breathing exercise by inhaling and exhaling naturally at normal speed and intensity. Now, after you exhale, pause for 2 seconds. Then, inhale normally again. Continue this process for at least 5 times. You can either perform this exercise while sitting or while lying down. In case you are performing this while lying down, you can prop your head and chest up with pillows. This helps in deepening the breath. Also, your head must be positioned higher than your chest, slightly.

Centering Breath for Healing Menstrual Cramps

This breathing exercise is said to calm the body when it is going through menstrual cramps. Start the exercise by breathing naturally. Now, inhale by taking a deep and gentle breath through your nose. Make sure that you inhale slowly. Now exhale similarly, through the nose as well. Again breathe normally for a few cycles. Then, repeat the deep inhalation process again, followed by a few cycles of normal breathing. You must do at least 10 cycles in total.

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