flower mehendi designs

Today we will be talking about some traditional as well as some unique, modern and easy flower mehndi designs for weddings that will keep you gaping at them long after you finish reading this article. You can apply these floral patterns on your hands, legs, feet, back, no matter you are a wedding guest, bridesmaid or the bride herself.

Flower Mehndi Designs for Wedding

1. A mehndi art unlike all other common designs, this has a flowery-vine like design entwining the hand like some chain like ornament. Very minimal design that is perfect for just any occasion be it wedding or festivals.

2. A unique flower mehndi design that covers the palm, the pattern is quite common but never boring to behold.

3. The large central flower mehndi design is the main attraction of this henna hand design. This design is very simple to create yet so gorgeous it looks.

4. Putting your hands together completes this beautiful pattern. Notice how clean and precise the lines and curves are and how symmetric the pattern as a whole is!

5. This glitter flower mehndi design for entire leg will make you look like some forest goddess or angel who has flowers embellished on all parts of her body. It provides a very feminine touch to the one who adorns this pattern.

6. This beautiful flower mehndi design covers the whole hand and it makes it look oh-so-grand! The pattern lends a delicate essence to the hands.

7. A different kind of floral art pattern that is minimal yet beautiful.

8.This design doesn’t cover every inch of the hand like most flower mehndi designs do, in fact it barely covers half of the hand, but the neatness of the design makes it breath taking! It is like a creeper, which adds beauty to the support it needs to grow around. This flower design for hands may not be apt for the bride, but is a very beautiful design for the ladki-wales or for any small occasions.

 9. Again a wonderful flower mehndi design at the back of the hand. This mehndi design totally looks like an ornament, those elaborate, gorgeous jewellery that queens in olden times used to wear. This design makes the hands look very beautiful and regal.

10. This large flower at the back of the hand and the ensuing embroidering simple designs from the flower makes the whole design look simply fantastic.

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