The Amazon Basics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner allows its users to clean their homes from top to bottom, without creating a mess! This vacuum cleaner provides 700 watts of power, smooth rolling maneuverability, and a reusable dust bag. This means, that you do not need to purchase any disposable bags. When finished cleaning, all you need to do is simply step on the vacuum cleaner’s foot-operated cord rewind and tuck the unit away until next time. A variety of attachments comes included for detailed cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner is lighter and more compact than other types of vacuum cleaners. Its cylindrical shape works well for vacuuming stairs, hard floors, and upholstery and for navigating around furniture. Even more, the vacuum cleaner features an A-energy rating for energy efficiency (and lower energy bills). It does all of this while still maintaining ultimate power and impressive performance.


  • Bagless 700 watt cyclonic cylindrical vacuum cleaner; AAA performance in terms of energy efficiency and cleaning performance; 25 kWh consumption per year.
  • Triple action nozzle for thorough absorption of coarse and fine dirt.
  • Easy to use sliding button to regulate the suction power.
  • Reusable dust cup means no need to purchase disposable paper dust bags.
  • Cyclonic technology provides intense suction power that effectively draws in air, dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris.
  • The washable HEPA-12 filter captures more than 99.5 per cent of all particles for a cleaner air release.
  • 1.5 l capacity, small, compact and lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Features an integrated handle, 5 m cable length. 1.5 m adjustable hose.
  • Exceptionally quiet (78 decibels), cord storage.
  • Accessories include crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dust brush, parquet brush and accessory holder.
  • 2 years limited warranty in case of manufacturing defects.
  • Removable and washable filter.
  • Easy empty dust cup.
  • Floor and dust re-emission class (A)

Our Verdict on the Amazon Basics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Our perception of a typical vacuum cleaner is heavy, loud and difficult to control. Well, this vacuum cleaner by Amazon Basics is exactly the opposite of all of those! It is extremely lightweight, which makes it so easy to carry around the house while cleaning. It has a minimal sound, which is totally bearable as compared to other loud vacuum cleaners. The cleaner comes with a number of accessories, which makes it perfect for all types of cleaning.

One point that we cannot miss is its cylindrical shape, which makes it so much better to use. Its shape enables it to reach difficult corners of the house without creating a mess. The price of this vacuum cleaner is reasonable, and it definitely offers value for money. It also offers hassle-free maintenance with its removable dust container. The dust container just needs to be tipped over a trash bin to dump out collected dust. The cyclonic technology used in this vacuum cleaner definitely makes it one of the best ones in the market. Thus, we undoubtedly recommend this product to all our readers!

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